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We introduce children to the world of music, one song and activity at a time!

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Our history

Founded initially as Learn Listen Play, Music Play Patrol (MPP) was launched in 2010 by Frank Coates. Frank started MPP out of a desire to provide high-quality music education to early education centers and schools without a full-time music program. Although the 2008 recession was technically over, many music and creative arts programs were being eliminated due to budget cuts. Unfortunately, one of the first items to be removed during a financial crisis is music and creative arts. MPP was founded based on one concept, that children, no matter where they come from or which school district they attend, should have access to a high-quality educational experience.

Mister Boom Boom

Mister Boom Boom (Frank Coates) has taught music in various educational environments and has over a decade of experience in education. He is a professional pianist and composer specializing in contemporary piano and orchestration. Frank started his career in early education, serving as the Music Coordinator for the Please Touch Museum in  Philadelphia. Frank has also served in leadership roles for the Boys & Girls Club of Allentown and Head Start of the Lehigh Valley. Frank attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and a Master of Business Administration. He is the proud father of two little ones.

Group Of Elementary Age Schoolchildren In Music Class

Preschool program

School age program

An attentive little elementary age boy sits with his friends on the floor during an after school program.  He looks up as he listens to a sitting unrecognizable child care worker read a book.

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If you enjoy the music in Mr. Boom Boom’s Music Room videos, then check out Mr. Boom Boom & Friends, Vol. 1, available on all major streaming platforms.¬†