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Chelsea Concerto YouTube

A Love Concerto – Ms. Chelsea

Let’s sing “A Love Concerto” with Ms. Chelsea. This song was originally recorded in 1965 by “The Toys.” Recent Posts

Looby Loo

Looby Loo – Mr. Frank

Mr. Frank will be leading a fun movement activitity, “Here We Go Looby Loo” from his cajon drum kit. Stand up and dance along! You

Little Red Riding Hood

All Ages: Little Red Riding Hood

Hey Play Patrolers! Today we are telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood with Mr. Frank Recent Posts

All Ages: Exploring Pitch

Hey Play Patrolers! Today we are learning about pitch and Mr. Frank will tell the story of the Three Little Pigs using a device to

Bach VPP

All Ages: J.S. Bach & Baroque Period

Today we will be exploring the floor piano with Mr. Frank and baroque period of music and learn about musician, J.S. Bach. Recent Posts