Library & Musical Storytelling Program

Schedule in-person performances in the Philadelphia region, or a virtual session through Zoom

Green Eggs and Ham Still
Alexi Bumblebee

the musical storytelling at Music Play Patrol

Our musical storytelling program works with libraries to provide interactive and high-quality music education sessions at an affordable cost. We are happy to announce we have resumed in-person services throughout the Philadelphia region.

During this pandemic, we need to do everything possible to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. That is why we now offer virtual services,  including Zoom classes and prerecorded digital content on our YouTube channel (@musicplaypatrol).

Our curriculum consists of interactive lessons, including Musical Storytelling, Movement Activities, DIY Instruments, World Music, African & Latin Percussion, etc. 

If you’re ready for more info, we’d love to speak to you!

Safety Procedures


Featured Fall Programs

African Drum Circle

Students learn about a variety of West African hand drums including the djembe, talking drum, and more.

Festival of Bells

We will explore a variety of mallet and bell percussion including the glockenspiel, hand bells, hand pan, and more. We will also sing a holiday sing-along using the bells.

Countdown to Noon

We will be celebrating the start 2022 by playing hand drums, a sing-along, and an end of the year parade!

Floor Piano

We explore different types of keyboard/piano instruments. Students will explore the floor piano and will learn how to create melody and harmony. (In-person Only)

Campfire Stories

This program features family-friendly spooky stories and movement activities for students ages 5 and up.


we have a variety of options

Virtual Zoom Session

30-minute Program
$ 79
one-time session
  • One time 30-minute performance
  • Choose from a list of our featured programs
  • Program is performed via Zoom with up to 50 participants

Live Performance

45-Minute Program in Philadelphia Region
$ 159
one-time fee
  • Up to 50 students outdoors per session
  • Up to 20 students indoors per session
  • A travel fee of $1.50/mile is applied for locations more than 25 miles away
  • Must be located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Maryland
  • Indoor sessions must take place in a well ventilated space with social distancing.
  • The performer will maintain a minimum distance of 12 feet from audience for both outdoor and indoor performances

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